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Integrating Tailwind into ASP.Net Projects

Last year around this time I started experimenting with Blazor and quickly found myself in the situation that I wanted to use a CSS framework. So, I started looking for the best way to integrate Tailwind into a Blazor project. I found out that there was no way to integrate Tailwind into the project without creating a project.json and thus having a node_modules directory in the project. Since I was not satisfied with this approach, I looked at how I could design a system that fits better into my project. In the end I came up with a solution in which I simply include a NuGet package in the project and assign the build action I gained through it to my stylesheet. But what is inside the  NuGet package It simply contains the things I didn't want in my project: the project.json and the node_modules directory, plus an MSBuild target and a JavaScript file. It works as follows: The target calls the JavaScript file via node.js and provides information about project & file path, then the